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Gender-Neutral Clothing & Accessories that Redefine Fashion

 Be unapologetically YOU with the gender-neutral line of clothing Mony has to offer.

 Mony is an inclusive, people and planet-friendly online fashion platform.

 Our collection of gender-fluid fashion garments and accessories are meticulously curated from brands around the world to present you the opportunity to express yourself without conforming to any gender norms, expectations, or limitations.

 Mony is your platform to step out of the confining box, explore non-binary fashion options, redefine your wardrobe according to your style, and find comfort in your authenticity. We believe that gender is fluid and are on a mission to give you plenty of gender-neutral clothing options to suit your journey and the changing tides of your moods.

 Besides promoting the freedom to express oneself through our fashion and accessories collections, our company is also invested in creating awareness about gender fluidity and supporting projects that benefit the transgender community. We invite our customers to be a part of the solution by contributing towards the community causes we support.

 In our commitment to conserving the planet, we also offer you the option to make a carbon-neutral order when you purchase your favourite gender-neutral clothes from us. We direct your carbon-offset funds to independently certified and internationally recognised carbon-offset projects that are geared towards reducing harmful emissions, protecting endangered species, and creating local job opportunities. The ‘Saint Nikola Wind Farm’ project in Kavarna, Bulgaria, which is partly supported by our carbon-credit purchasing, reduces carbon emissions by 244,224 metric tons annually and naturally powers 95,000 local homes. 

 Mony was founded by Teodora Geleva, an empath, innovator, and progressive thinker, acutely aware of the bullying and discrimination faced by the transgender community. She launched Mony as a platform to empower gender non-conforming people with fashion and the freedom of self-expression, and to create awareness about the issues surrounding gender fluidity.




 Mony family can't wait to have you with us. 

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